Friday, August 19, 2011

One reader's comment: "Sad"

I love mail! Especially the mail that has no return address! Keep 'em coming, folks!

The mail today?

Keith Nygren's August 17, 2011 Memorandum to "All Personnel". And the reader's comment? "Sad" (Click on the letter to enlarge it; then click on the Back button on your browser to come back here.)

The Memo read, "Effective immediately, Scott Milliman is no longer an employee with the McHenry County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division. He is not allowed access to any part of this facility not accessible by the public and must be escorted to retrieve any personal items."

"Signed Keith Nygren, Sheriff"

And he must have been in town on Wednesday, because that signature sure looks like his.

Who got copies?

Andrew Zinke, Undersheriff
Commander John Miller
EEO Kathy Seith
Attorney John Kelly
Merit Commission
Deputy Cypher, Quartermaster

Has no one told him that "EEO" is not a title, likc Undersheriff or Deputy? Nobody is going to walk up to Kathy and address her as "EEO Seith". How stupid!

And why is the sheriff copying Attorney John Kelly? Is he going to throw more taxpayer dollars away on legal work at an outside law firm? It's an HR matter, Keith. For that you use your in-house attorney. In case you have forgotten, that's Lou Bianchi. Just call Donna Kelley. You must have the number.

And "Quartermaster"? What's that? Don't you have a secretary to do your filing?

Oh, and your Merit Commission? Since the August 10th Merit Commission meeting was canceled, Keith, when did you get the MC's approval to fire Scott? It couldn't have been at the July 13th meeting; that one was canceled, too. Maybe it was at the June 8th meeting. No, that one was canceled, too.

Have the Northern Lights been too bright in Minocqua this year?


tiredofthenonsense said...

Good thing you're grinding those axes and not juggling them. Someone might get hurt.

SnidelyWhiplash said...

Does anyone walk up and call the Chief Exec Officer of a company hello CEO SMITH? How about Chief Financial Officer; do they walk up and say Good morning CFO SMITH?
How about COO Chief Operating Officer?

EEO is a recognized title and you are always trying to find fault which makes you look foolish.

Quartermaster is the person that seals with supplies uniforms etc. They need to know to collect department property. (See previous sentence)

Did you have to sit in the corner with the pointed little dunce hat when you were a kid?

SnidelyWhiplash said...

DEALS with supplies ...MY BAD

Tyler said...

Of course they would carry a gun. They are cops going to a cops house to deliver this letter. Would you expect them to leave the guns in the car?

Also have you ever heard of "workplace violence?" Of course they will notify everyone.

Gus said...

Tyler, thanks for your comment.

Nygren ... well, what can I say? If I wanted to write a book on workplace violence and what causes it, I think I'd start with the McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

Or some grad student could use MCSD for a Case Study.

Sending deputies to Milliman's house at midnight to deliver a "You're Fired" letter?

You want to know who is crazy? Not Milliman. He did the right thing.

Nygren could have called Milliman in and handed him the letter like a man. He didn't.