Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No further charges in Monday's fatality

Today's Northwest Herald reports that Woodstock Police now say that no further charges will be filed in Monday morning's fatal accident on U.S. 14 west of Route 47.

Looking back to yesterday's articles, perhaps different wording could have been used. Yesterday it was reported that further charges "are pending" on the results of blood work. That statement might reasonably have led readers to believe that it was just a matter of determining "what" charges. Better wording might have been "Investigation continues into the accident."

And today's article still doesn't carry any detail of the accident, not that exact details are needed. But surely the police could reveal whether the IDOT worker was in the roadway, whether traffic was light, moderate or heavy, whether traffic was start and stop. Other drivers learn by details and can possibly avoid becoming involved in accidents of their own by reading and understanding how other accidents have happened.

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