Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Warrants at MCSD

How many warrants are awaiting service at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department? How old is the oldest?
There are (well, I'm really not sure of the exact number) 3,042. Read below why I'm unsure of the number.

The oldest unserved warrant is a Failure to Appear with a 1977 date.

These got my attention, when Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart recently began posting online the names of all the unserved warrants in his department. Remember when MCSD and a warrants team served a 13-year-old warrant on a woman hiding in plain sight in Bourbonnais, Ill.? A judge threw that one out, but only after she sat in jail.

Information in response to my FOIA request included these details:

"Felony warrants are processed within 24 hours of receiving – at which time they are turned over to the Apprehension Unit for service.

"All Misdemeanor warrants are also processed within 24 hours and the in county ones are turned over to the Patrol Division for service."

So the paperwork for incoming warrants gets taken care of right away. 
Now, here's why I question the number of outstanding warrants. Help me with the math here. From the August 1 MCSD report to Corrections Chief Sedlock:
Active Warrants as of: 07-05-2011                3141
Served: -250

 Active: +329

                                                       Quashed: -308


Active Warrants as of: 08-01-2011                  3042
I get a different total (actually, one more favorable to the Department).

3141 on 7/5/2011
-250 served in July
-308 quashed
+329 new warrants (if "Active" means new)
2912 outstanding as of 8/1/11 (corrected 8/25/11 Ed.)

What do you suppose the "Difference: +130" means in the report? Do you think anyone reads the monthly report?


M.U.G. said...

- 250 served
- 308 quashed
+ 329 new
2912 outstanding

= 130 mystery number

Steve said...

Strange that "130" OTOH, Gus, you need to go to the blackboard and check your work. How did you arrive at 2812? Perhaps you got there the same way (or similar) that the clerk at the sheriff office came up with the mystery number.

Gus said...

Thanks, Steve. Just give me an "F" in arithmetic for yesterday. The correct sum is 2,912.

Now, about the 130 difference...