Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Immigration hold on driver in fatal crash

According to yesterday's Northwest Herald, the McHenry County Sheriff's Department has placed an immigration hold on Luis Ramirez-Arguelles in the fatal crash on August 5.

A check of Ramirez-Arguelles' traffic misdeeds in McHenry County reveals a 2010 arrest for driving without a driver's license; the charge states a driver's license was never issued to him. (Case No. 10TR34363) He pled guilty on July 23 and he was fined $783.00 and given one-year conditional release. He had a public defender, and he was to pay his fine monthly at $52.00. A related charge of speeding 15-20MPH over the limit was nolle prossed.

In November a motion was filed related to financial compliance, and on December 17 a Petition to Revoke was continued on the defendant's request. Nothing else appears in the record until on July 22, 2011 his one-year conditional discharge was terminated. His fine and costs were paid in full.

Two weeks later, on August 5, he was involved in a head-on fatal crash, and now there is an immigration hold. Did he have a valid driver's license on August 5th? How did he get it?

Did anyone check his immigration status last year? Is this year's Hold because he is in the USA illegally? Or is it because a conviction could affect any current legal immigration status that he might have?


mike said...

Perhaps they didn't arrest him until he was discharged. I suspect that over the years they've learned that if they "rush" to arrest somebody that perhaps doesn't really "need" arresting who's in the hospital, they are going to foot the bill - every penny of it. Far better to roll the dice in a case like this and grab him if he takes off. I know if probably bugs you that he managed to be transferred to the jail without a problem IF that's what they did (wait until he was discharged). Kinda hard to get much mileage outta woulda, coulda, mighta, isn't it?

I'm more interested in the charges approved or suggested - which is is? First degree murder in a traffic crash? Novel approach. What do you want to bet that will never be a conviction? Maybe it's just a reelection kickoff kinda thing. Ya think?

secret agent man said...

I found the following sentence as published by the Daily Herlad, as follows:

"Nygren said information obtained during the investigation by the McHenry County Traffic Crash Investigation Unit determined Ramirez intentionally hit Hume."

Question: Did Ramirez KNOW it was Ms. Hume he was going to hit, and set out to "Intentionally hit Hume" as the Sheriff's statement reads,

OR, Did Ramirez set out to "Intentionally" kill just whoever happened to be in his path at that moment in time.

For us to believe the quoted statement and take it in one context, would have taken more than one person to 'set this accident up.'

In other words, somebody would have had to have been watching Ms. Hume leaving her home, call Ramirez and tell him she was on her way.

Then, Ramirez would have had to then set in motion his driving 'timing' knowing exactly where "Hume" was and what she was driving, then there would have had to have been a 3rd party following "Hume" to then radio or call Ramirez and tell him when to make his move.

Do I know people who have no fear and would carry out an attack such as this, yes I do.

Is this the kind of "Intent" the Sheriff is implying?

OR, is it more simply, the fact that the actions of Ramirez were arbitrary as to who he killed, as long as he killed 'somebody?'

Was Ms. Hume deeply involved in any Hispanic Community causes?

Pro Life causes?

Did she have knowledge of anything that would have made her a target?

Or was she just at the wrong place at the wrong time when this "Pindejo" decided to strike?

I hope this issue is stated more clearly by law enforcement officials.

How many murders is this now in Mchenry County in past 6 months or so.

Murders and Missing persons, strange.

It is obvious the Daily Herald needs to ask follow up questions on exactly what Sheriff Nygren's statement is implying?

Debra said...

Oh BIG surprise! An illegal doing something illegal! Bet he has 10 kids that get free food, school, medical and housing. When will this all stop????? He will be sent back to his country and then he will illegally cross again and again. Maddening. Probably will not even have to serve time.

SnidelyWhiplash said...

Asking the stupid question you listed is like asking the rapist if his underwear were Haines or Fruit of the Loom. No relevance

Gus said...

What was the stupid question?