Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Got sense? Tell the Tollway

Remember that Tollway board member last week who said something about cents? Well, you can tell him that you've got sense! Tell him (and the rest of the Board) what you think about the $12 Billion capital plan.

Thanks to a nudge from Cal Skinner, I'll tell you how to do it.

Go to the Illinois Tollway website by clicking right here and then scroll down a little to the box for "Capital Plan Comments". Put in your 2¢ worth and send it to them. But hurry; the decision will be made tomorrow morning at the 10:00AM board meeting.

Read Cal Skinner's articles on McHenry County Blog.


Gus said...

Good luck in getting the Tollway comment form to work for you. I tried to send the following and could not get it to go through.


I oppose your $12,000,000,000 capital plan.

Putting $64,000,000 into expansion at I-90 and Route 47 at Huntley is a waste.

Your hearings have been packed with people who will benefit economically and directly (construction workers, labor, consultants).

Why not survey all your I-Pass customers?

Your proposal to double tolls and soak cash payers even more than today is outrageous. Please vote NO on the capital plan."

Gus said...

Before 7:15AM today, the day of the Board hearing on the $12B plan, the comment box link on the Tollway's homepage had been removed.

There was a problem with it late yesterday afternoon. A comment could not be sent. Perhaps the Tollway website was swamped with opinions and comments. Rather than fixing the link to accept Comments, it appears the Tollway just removed the online Comment form!