Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beth Bentley - Week 64

Beth Bentley has been missing for 64 weeks.

For the first time in a long time, I am nearly at a loss for words. I no longer know what to say about a family that does not speak up about a missing wife, mother and daughter. About a police department that conducts no press conferences about a missing resident from its town. About a City Council that remains silent.

About drinking and party friends who seem to have run for the hills (except there aren't any hills in Woodstock). About a friend, confidant, fellow traveler and financial beneficiary from a friendship with Beth.

There is plenty of suspicious stuff going on. The pieces of the puzzle should start falling into place and revealing the picture. Hopefully, no pieces will fall off the table and be swept out.


Ray said...

Gus calls the family in this case, " a family that does not speak up."

This family has spoken to about 10 newspaper reporters.

This family has given numerous interviews on both television and radio and internet radio.

This family has caused thousands of missing posters to be posted.

This family remains in constant contact with the authorities

... and yet Gus says this is, "a family that does not speak up."

Well, I guess that's your opinion.

Gus said...

Care to be more specific, Ray?

By family, you mean "family" - right? Relatives. Not self-appointed spokespersons.

"about 10" reporters? Any in the past 3-4 months?

"numerous" interviews? Four? Five? In 14 months?

"Thousands" of posters? Is that 2,000? 5,000? 10,000? More? Or do you really mean some or a few? maybe a few hundred? Does that include that wide-goose chase to the Chicago Loop?

Ray said...

I guess as a "reporter" you are right there are a ton of questions you should have asked before you posted about ...

the family that doesn't speak up.

Curious1 said...

Have to say I am absolutely disgusted you went after her kids in this one.

Gus said...

If my mom had vanished when I was 22, I'd be doing everything possible to find her (or her body) and I'd be asking everyone for help, all the time.

And if some guy I didn't know was writing about it every week and trying to shake some information loose, I go and get acquainted with him.

Ray said...

So you are not well acquainted with Jeremy and you wrote that

"the family doesn't speak up."

You realize that is astonishingly irresponsible, right? I mean it's clear how creepy that is, that's not lost on you, is it?

When I met you I thanked you for keeping this matter in the news, but I have to express here that you are in dire need of an editor.

Danielle said...

Gus, who are you to say what her children should and shouldn't do? Perhaps he doesn't want to be acquainted with you, because of all the BS you type in your little blogs?
Here's an idea for a new blog... "Why did those rats deleted Beth Bentley's son's posts, defending himself and his family? Why has Beth Bentley's son now been BANNED from a page that is supposed to be about finding his mother?" Those disgusting excuses for human existence don't care about finding Beth Bentley or helping her family. All they care about is stirring up drama and getting attention. It's disgusting, and I hope that their followers realize how disgusting they really are.

Jill in StL said...

Gus - you posted that you wasted 5 minutes reading Missing Beth Bentley Facebook page and that no one is doing anything to help find her! My response to that is:

You wasted 5 minutes, huh? I've "wasted" months and months writing and sending out emails to every missing persons program I can find asking for them to help with Beth's case. There has not been a single day that I don't continue to bombard every media source I can think of trying to get coverage for Beth. There ARE those of us out there that are doing what we can to try and help find Beth.

Just because some of us don't "advertise" or "brag" about what we do or start a page and play the martyr role, doesn't mean there aren't people out there busting their butts to try and help find Beth.


Perhaps in your whoop-te-doo 5 minutes of reading, you also missed this post by the site Admin:

Missing Beth Bentley: Lisa, not that I am aware of. I have called the conservation departments a few times and made sure they were aware of Beth's disappearance. Also called all the hunting outfitters, etc. Posted in mushroom hunting groups, hunting groups, fishing groups, hiking groups....any kind of group I could find :(
4 hours ago · Like · 2 people

I guess Mr. Philpot calls that "doing nothing".

Gus said...

When there is no coordination of efforts by the public, then it appears that no one is doing anything.

Who is maintaining a central clearinghouse of information? No one.

Who is maintaining an index of leads, tips, lies, persons of interest, witnesses, suspects? No one.

Who is maintaining a list of places where some people have gone to search? No one.

Much of that existed on Facebook, until some noses got out of joint and many postings, comments and persons were deleted from the original Facebook page.

Jill in StL said...

Most of what your rebuttle is would be the responsibility of the police department who is IN CHARGE of the investigation.

You seriously need to quit lumping everyone into a nice little box and claim that no one is doing anything, when there are plenty of us out there who aren't interested in bragging on some Facebook about all that we do or playing the martyr on said page either - we are just working behind the scenes doing what we can to help this family. We don't need constant pats on the back like some do and we certainly don't feel the need to report to you what we're doing either.

Gus said...

Jill, no one has ever said anything about reporting to me. Well, except you.

The family, or a responsible acquaintance appointed by the family, ought to be maintaining the search and tracking efforts and results.

Ray said...

See Gus try to make heads or tails out of an anarchic non-hierarchical self-organizing consensus-based generative process. BUT WHO TELLS THEM WHAT TO DO? HOW DO THEY KNOW ABOUT THE COPY MACHINE POLICY? WHO SIGNS THEIR TIMESHEETS AND APPROVES THEIR VACATION REQUESTS? He is so frustrated. Who collects the dues? Who keeps the membership roles? Who administers the honor code? Who gives the entrance exam? It is literally incomprehensible to him that cooperative endeavor is possible in the absence of a command structure. He is still searching for the 5-year, board-approved strategic plan. I mean, you can see how such a person would find a non-systematic approach frightening, he gulps like a carp out of water on the ground. It turns out that it is possible for ad hoc, loosely affiliated, impermanent groups of humans to, without direction or governance, collaborate on extremely complex and sophisticated tasks toward the goal of finding Beth Bentley. Gus must feel lost without reports.

Gus said...

Whatever Ray's comment means probably explains why Beth hasn't been found yet.