Sunday, August 7, 2011

Special Prosecutor costs, if after Nygren

What will it cost McHenry County taxpayers, if Judge Meyer give a green light for appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate wrongdoing by McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren?

Taxpayers are reeling over the bills and anticipated future billings in the failed Special Prosecutor tag-team match of Tonigan/McQueen against Ekl.

County Board members are posturing now (elections are coming up, folks) to save face and cry over spilt milk. Why weren't they screaming bloody murder months and months ago? Why ever did they roll over and allow the blank check to the special prosecutors? What gives a judge the right to order unlimited spending of taxpayer dollars?

Why didn't the County Board say, a long time ago, "Here's $100,000. Go for it. Make it last. There won't be any more."

Remember this at election time, folks.

Now, what about the costs to go after Nygren? Read the following message on the website of Zane Seipler's Chicago attorney, Blake Horwitz:

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