Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tollway rate hike decision?

I tuned in late to the webcast from the Tollway's website, just as a speaker was asking that Tollway employees ought to pay tolls when commuting. 

Well, duh.... Of course, they should! Why should they get free tolls?

The speaker then asked for the toll hike not to be approved, if tollway employees will not be required to pay tolls.

Then the meeting adjourned at 11:47AM. Did they approve the hike? The Chicago Tribune reports it did; "The vote was 7-1, with Bill Morris of Grayslake the lone no vote. The increase will go into effect Jan. 1." Thanks, Mr. Morris!

Just imagine... only eight people to decide on spending $12,000,000,000. Welcome to Illinois!

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M.U.G. said...

Just in?

The Tollway board approved the measure Tuesday by a 7-1 vote.

I think I'm a mind reader as I had a dream about this happening.

Well off to take a nap.