Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trusting electronic communications

Can communications be trusted? You know, if you send an email  or a text message, can you really trust that it will be secure from prying eyes?

There are those in McHenry County who believe those e-communications cannot be trusted. And I agree.

Even though senders might be extra careful about computer security and frequent password changes, including using "complicated" (hard-to-remember) combinations of letters, numbers and symbols in passwords, it's always possible that someone with a lot of extra time on his hands might crack them.

And so some folks still use snailmail. And to them, I say a big "Thank you".

I appreciate all the communications that come my way, whether by U.S. Mail, telephone, email, fax or by discreet ad in the newspaper. I see them all. I'm working on developing my "folded newspaper" pass, so give me a little more time on that one. Oh, and that drop at Starbuck's? Don't use it again.

The blogs in McHenry County are powerful media tools, and readership is growing. So keep reading, and

Readers, use the small white "envelope" at the bottom of articles to forward them to people you think might be interested. I keep no record of the email addresses used for forwarding or receiving. I never see those addresses.

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