Tuesday, August 9, 2011


While reading in the Chicago Tribune of the tragedy involving a bicyclist and a dump truck recently in the north Loop area, I came across mention of the Chicago Police Department's Major Accident Investigation Unit.

This caused me to think of MIAT - the Major Incident Action Team (MIAT). As I understand it, MIAT is a multi-jurisdictional team of law enforcement officers in McHenry County who are available to participate in a joint major crime investigation. This means that each department does not have to staff for expertise in every experience needed to investigate crimes and crime scenes. When the Team is activated, one officer and possibly a supervisor with specialization will respond and join in the investigation.

And this caused me to wonder whether the MIAT was activated by the McHenry County Sheriff's Department following the shootings of Kurt Milliman and of Jack and Audrey Feldkamp and Doran Bloom. And, if it wasn't, why not?

I happen to believe there is a lot more to both shootings.

In the Milliman case Timothy S. Smith has been charged with first-degree murder, and he is in custody in the McHenry County Jail. Nothing has been mentioned about Smith's having a FOID card or, if he doesn't, any (and how many) attempts he might have made in the past to get one.

In the Feldkamp/Bloom shootings there is one witness. Again there is no mention of any other possibility as to how the injuries and deaths occurred that night. Is the Sheriff's Department truly investigating? Or is it coasting on the words of Sheriff Nygren, who seemed to be saying "Case Closed" far too quickly after the deaths.

Why wasn't MIAT called in these cases?

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rommel said...

In the case of Smith, what possible difference would his possession of a FOID card make in the overall scheme of things? The fact that he has or doesn't have a FOID card means nothing in the context of whether or not the gun involved was his. What if it was Millmans? He must have had both a gun and a FOID, right? Could it have been his? Irregardless, it (FOID card or no) means absolutely nothing here. Your concern means what? Worrying about a FOID card is not unlike worrying about whether Smith double parked his car illegally just before he robbed a bank and killed the teller and it was recorded on video. Just stupid! The issue is whether or not Smith shot him and whether or not he had any legal justification for doing so. Think BIG picture and consider but don't obsess over minor details.