Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No signs = time and money wasted

If you are heading to Wonder Lake, be advised that the bridge on Barnard Mill Road at Howe Road will be closed for a few months.

This sign is on westbound Barnard Mill Road at East Wonder Lake Road, at the Busy Bee Restaurant. I've been told that there is a sign at the bridge on the west side of the closed road.

Other than that, McHenry Township has done a lousy job of warning drivers.

If you were heading to the Grand Old Mill Restaurant or Dusty's Pizza from the east, you'd have to turn south and go all the way to Route 120, then west and then back north. Or you could go back to Route 31, north, west and back south.

A similar problem inconveniences drivers on the west side who might want to go to the Busy Bee or Bob Anderson's Barbershop.

The McHenry Township Highway Commissioner ought to solve the problem by working with McHenry County DOT and IDOT to provide adequate signs during the bridge reconstruction.

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