Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beth Bentley - now gone 65 weeks

Beth Bentley - mother, wife, legal secretary, friend to many - vanished 65 weeks ago. Many think some people in Woodstock would know exactly where to look for her.

I wanted to do some looking around in McHenry County this past week, and I contacted the owner of a property that very likely could have a connection to Beth. Rather than just tramping around through that property, I thought the right way to handle it was to contact the property owner and request permission.

You've heard the phrase, "It's easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission"? Well, now I know where that phrase came from!

I started with the manager of the business that will be located on that property after the building renovations have been completed. From there I was referred to H.R. (which I knew was wrong). And then to the Property Management arm of that large organization. I got frequent and timely calls back, which was nice, as they kept me posted on their efforts to go up the chain-of-command for a decision.

Finally, somebody said "No." And they let their local police department know of the my unusual request to search on their property. What had I told them? Only that I had received a tip that their property might be a good place to look. It's wooded, weedy, off the beaten track.

First thing the next morning, that local police department contacted me. Professionally and courteously. I had no objection to the passing along of my name to the P.D. I stand behind everything I say and do. I wasn't looking for credit or reward. I'm trying to find out where Beth Bentley is.

Do you know? Do you have any hunches? Post them here as Comments and notify the appropriate police agency.

Earlier this summer I thought about setting up an office in a vacant storefront on the Woodstock Square. I envisioned  the walls filled with poster board and tips. Post all the leads, tips and lies. Put up the names of everyone who ought to be interviewed and questioned. Start putting the pieces of the puzzle together until a picture begins to form.

And then I got to thinking. What's that radio station that is a favorite of many? WII-FM are its call letters. They stand for What's In It For Me. I didn't know her. Why should I continue to expend energy and thought toward finding her?

Of course, anyone involved in Beth's disappearance is counting on the energy falling off. More people are needed to take action and keep the interest alive in finding her.

Think about it. What if your wife, mother, daughter, sister were missing and had disappeared under circumstances similar to Beth's disappearance? What would you want done? What would you be doing?


yagottabekidding said...

Trying to find out whether Beth Bentley is.....what?

Gus said...

Thanks, tired. I meant to write "where Beth Bentley is", not whether she is ...

I'll correct it now. I appreciae your calling my attention to the unclear sentence. Thanks.