Saturday, August 6, 2011

Joe Walsh Town Hall at WNHS

Rep. Joe Walsh held a town hall meeting this afternoon at Woodstock North High School. One of the great things was that most of the audience sat in the front section of the auditorium, rather than spreading throughout the auditorium. If you haven't been to one of Joe's meetings, be sure to catch him on this swing through the district.

Whether you agree or disagree with Joe or with what you might read in the papers, Joe is our district's representative in Congress. He wants you to be knowledgeable, informed and active.

Joe challenged the audience to get involved. His past teaching experience helps, I am sure, his comfort level in front of a crowd. He did a pretty good job of controlling the length of remarks from the audience, making sure that many got a chance to speak up but not letting anyone go on too long.

More than once he said, "This country is going through a revolution right now." In commenting on Illinois' re-districting, he said, "I know I'm running somewhere." That got a laugh. In fact, he got many laughs. In explaining the debt-ceiling vote, he said, "We've got a government we can't afford." Amen, Joe!

He urges no campaign donation limits and instant disclosure. And he has introduced legislation for term limits. You probably already know that he turned down participation in Congress' healthcare package and pension. He said he would, when he was running for office; and he has done that.

About taxes? "Increase government revenues by increasing the number of taxpayers (by an economy that provides jobs), not by increasing taxes."

The wars we're in? "When it comes to Afghanistan, I want to be out next week." That's pretty clear, isn't it? No waffling there.

In the next election, Joe says to stay focused on the issues. "We are on a path that will destroy our kids and grandkids if we don't change it."

Watch for Joe's Saturday morning "Grab a cup of joe with Joe" gatherings. See the schedule on his House webpage at

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Ray said...

Interesting fact: it is a felony in several states to not pay child support in an amount over $10,000.

Is there a prohibition against a felon holding public office in Illinois?