Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beth Bentley civil suit dropped

Way back on February 18, 2009, about 15 months before she vanished, Beth Bentley filed a civil lawsuit (Case No. 09LA000073) in McHenry County against Violet Abbink and Albert Adams. The case lingered with many continuances until July 27, when the Court ordered a voluntary dismissal of the case but but doing so "without prejudice", allowing Beth to refile it orally, if she ever wants to.

The Court must have tired of fooling around with inactivity and ordered three months ago a final case status date on April 27.

No doubt that Abbink and Adams knew Beth was missing. This is just one more mysterious piece to the missing-person case being investigated by the Woodstock Police Department.


iwannaknow said...


If this is the same woman, she died prior to the lawsuit.

Jen said...

Gus, what is going on with Beth? Did they ever find out what happened to her? Did she in fact die?

Gus said...

The Woodstock Police have never classified this other than a missing person case. There is no evidence that she is not living. Her whereabouts are unknown.

Watch for tomorrow's article.