Tuesday, August 2, 2011

$187,200/yr. for administator in town of 1,874?

The Village of Richmond, Illinois, is without a village administrator. Anyone looking for a job?

With a population of 1,874, as of the 2010 Census, Richmond paid its last administrator $82,000. That's $43.75 per person - man, woman and child.

How did I arrive at $187,200? Trustee David Kjelpinski understood from a meeting with City of Woodstock officials that Woodstock might hire out its "assistant administrator" to Richmond for ten hours per week at a cost of $46,000/year. Assuming that ten hours is one-fourth of a workweek, then the annualized rate would calculate to be $187,200.

Or was the deal to cut the hours (and pay) of Woodstock's "assistant administrator" and then let him work a part-time job elsewhere (Richmond, Ill.). But $46,000 for a part-time, ten hour/week gig?

Heck, I'd work for Richmond for less than $88.00/hour ($46,000/520). Aside from the fact that Woodstock doesn't have an "assistant administrator" (maybe he meant Derik Morefield, Deputy City Manager), how would such a deal work? Would Derik work one ten-hour day per week in Richmond? Two five-hour days? Two hours, every day? What about commuting time? Who wins and who loses on that deal?

Should a village of 1,874 inhabitants even have an administrator? As the article in the Northwest Herald mentioned, Spring Grove (with a population of 5,778) doesn't have an administrator.

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