Monday, March 25, 2013

Woodstock voters: Ready, Set ... Yawn

Get ready, Woodstock voters.

Election Day is coming...  Tuesday, April 9, is almost here. And, if you just can't wait to vote, you can rush to your early-voting polling place and cast your ballot. Here's the rundown...

Mayor (Vote for ONE)
Brian Sager

For Councilmembers (Vote for THREE)
Michael A. Turner
Joseph Starzynski
RB Thompson

Pretty sick, eh? No contenders. No challengers. No contest. No one gives a _______.

Dick Ahrens chose not to run again. Can't say that I blame him. What a thankless job being a Woodstock City Councilmember is. Joe Starzunski was the only person to file a petition for Dick's chair. Good luck, Joe. Will you stand up and speak out? I hope so.

Should the question come up about dividing Woodstock in Wards? Would the residents be better served if they could elect a person who would represent specific divisions of the city? I think it's a sure bet that the current councilmembers and mayor like it just the way it is. So that means The People are going to have to force the issue and get the question to a vote of The People.

Ward representation would put more control in the hands of The People. If they didn't like their rep., they could kick him (or her) out and get a fresh face on board at the next election. Would it make a difference? Over several elections terms, it would - as the power shifted.

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Ray said...

How is it possible or even conceivable that there is not a GUSPHILPOT on the ballot for Woodstock City Concil?

I mean he ran for Sherrif didn't he?