Friday, March 22, 2013

Fingerprint leads to arrest

Remember back in October when Bull Valley Ford (in Woodstock) reported the theft of 26 diesel particulate filters (DPF) from trucks on its lot on Route 47?

Repeated in today's article about the arrest was an assertion at the time by police that "Disconnecting the items requires significant time and the use of power tools." At the time of the theft the dealer said each filter weighs about 100 pounds and that the value of stolen filters was approximately $100,000.

At the time I wondered just how long it takes to remove one and how much noise is generated by "power tools" used to loosen bolts or cut them out. Let's assume it took hours.

William Czarnecki, of Milwaukee, was arrested in Wisconsin this week, and extradition procedures are underway.

Should be interesting to learn where Czarnecki's fingerprint was found if, indeed, it was his fingerprint. Could it have been someone else's, but it led to him? Was it found on recovered parts or on one of the trucks on the Bull Valley Ford lot?

Think patrol procedures in Woodstock have changed since October? Do officers now drive through the dealers' lots late at night and on week-end evenings? Or do they get out and walk the lots at night?

Cities generate tens of thousands of dollars in sales tax from auto dealerships. Dealers could receive a little "special" attention late at night when the cop business is on the slow side.


woodstockabdicate said...

Why the acronym for something thats only mentioned once? "Special" police attention for business' that generate a lot of money? Doesn't the mob call that "protection"? Reverse extortion from a Lawnorder guy?

Gus said...

For all I know, the police might have already been patrolling new-truck lots, because Wisconsin dealers were being hit before the thieves got to Woodstock.

And maybe they have been patrolling lots since then. What does it take to roll through a dealer's parking lot and spot anyone lurking there? Not too many prospective buyers drop by to kick tires at 2-3-4AM.

Same with rolling by ALL the convenience stores, not just the ones that give away or discount coffee and donuts.

Maybe there is a no-freebies policy at WPD and MCSD. If there is such a policy, is it observed? Enforces?