Thursday, March 21, 2013

Student suspended for refusing to stomp on "Jesus"

Deandre Poole, Ph.D.
I'm not much of a religious person, but the suspension of a Florida Atlantic University student who refused an instructor's direction struck me as wrong.

Students, including Ryan Rotela, a Mormon, were directed to write "Jesus" on a piece of paper and throw it on the floor and stomp on it. Rotela, a junior, refused. When he complained to University authorities, he was suspended for two days.

The instructor was Deandre J. Poole, Ph.D. (Howard University).

His bio on the FAU website reads, in part, "Deandre Poole teaches courses in intercultural communication, ethnicity and communication, leadership and communication, and organizational communication. His research focuses on the role mediated messages play in shaping individual attitudes and beliefs concerning issues of justice and inequality, and examines how leaders, organizations, and other influential authorities dominate and oppress marginalized groups of people. Currently, he is authoring the book, Obamamania: The Rise of a Mythical Hero, to be published by the Edwin Mellen Press. In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Poole is actively engaged in various community service projects throughout Palm Beach County."

Care to write to Dr. Poole and let him know your feelings: Write to him at

I did. I asked him to write "Martin Luther King, Jr." (whom I heard speak in 1962) or "Rosa Parks" or "Nelson Mandela" on a piece of paper and throw it on the floor and stomp on it. I wonder how he feels. 

Should I suspend him for two days?

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Mike said...

He should have tried having a mulim student write Muhamad on paper and stmp on that. We would likely be attending his funeral depending on the student.