Monday, March 11, 2013

Warren, Ohio tragedy

The single-vehicle crash near Warren, Ohio on Sunday morning claimed the lives of six and injured two. The dead were between 15-19. The only female, the driver, may have been speeding.

Were they joy-riding? At 7:00AM? News stories have not revealed if the group gathered earlier on Sunday morning or if they were still out from the night before.

It seems the vehicle belonged to an owner 20 miles away who didn't know it was gone.

What is done locally, right here in Woodstock and McHenry County, to get across to kids and young adults that they are responsible for their own lives? If they are in a car with an unlicensed driver or a reckless driver (or one who has been drinking or using drugs), do they demand that the driver stop and let them out?

It would be better to get cold and wet while walking to a phone than to be dead or injured.

When is the last time you had a serious conversation with your kid on this topic?

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Anonymous said...

What if they were on their way to Church and a deer or another animal ran out in front of them?

But then again, they cudda been on a liquor run for some C45! DOH!