Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wednesday's IGOLD

Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day (Wednesday, March 6) was a blast. Approximately 8,200 gun owners took the day off, on behalf of their interests and your rights, to go to Springfield and give a strong voice for equitable firearms laws.

McHenry County Right To Carry Association (MCR2CA) president Mickey Schuch, VP Jerry Gardner and I (Secy/Treas.) were on the bus from the Woodstock VFW. So as not to reveal identities of those whose bosses might be reading this (heh-heh), other names will not be mentioned here… But thanks for going. If you didn’t go but made phone calls or sent letters or email, thank you, too!

I went by to see Rep. Jim Sacia (R-89 (Freeport)). He had given an impassioned plea to his House colleagues the previous week to read Suzanna Gratia Hupp’s book From Luby’s to the Legislature. I told him I had read it and had met her. 

I also called on Representatives Elaine Nekritz (Chair, Judiciary Committee), Brandon Phelps (D-118 and sponsor of HB0997), Elgie Sims (D-34), Cynthia Soto (D-4), Lawrence Walsh (D-86), Barb Wheeler (R-64), Keith Sommer (R-88), Jerry Costello (D-116), Kenneth Dunkin (D-5) and Jack Franks (D-63). 

Jack wasn’t available when I was there. Jack’s votes on the amendments to HB1156 are worrisome. And Jack has not signed on as a co-sponsor yet for HB0997. If anyone knows Jack well (or knows someone who is influential with Jack), how about calling him and finding out why he is holding out? (Jack did co-sponsor HB0148 in the last session, but not until the day of the vote in May 2011.)
Don’t just tell your legislators what you want. 

Ask them where they stand on concealed carry; open carry; on banning “assault-type” rifles (semi-automatic, with “scary” (to some) cosmetic features); large-capacity magazines (over 10 rounds); mandatory gun locks (when gun in not in your “immediate” possession (e.g., if you are in the shower).

If you able to find out where they stand, let MCR2CA know by sending an email to  Let’s write the Gun Owners’ Book for Equitable Firearms Laws.

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