Saturday, March 16, 2013

McDonald to make Sgt. at MCSD

Word at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department is that Deputy Travis McDonald is about to be promoted. On March 22 McDonald will be promoted to Sergeant and gain some stripes.

To my knowledge I've not met McDonald and have spoken with him only once.

About all I know about him is that he was the deputy who interviewed Scott Feldkamp in his hospital room on June 8, 2011, the day after Jack Feldkamp, Audrey Feldkamp and Doran Bloom died in the Feldkamp home on Somerset Lane in rural Marengo.

Other than the report of a deputy who rode in the ambulance to the hospital with Scott Feldkamp, my recollection is that the hospital room interview (12:31PM-1:01PM) with Scott Feldkamp was the only interview that any deputy of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department conducted with Scott. And it was more of a bedside chat, with numerous leading questions, assumptions and errors in repeating information given by Scott.

The hospital room interview lasted only 30 minutes, and during the interview Deputy McDonald allowed Andrew Feldkamp (Scott's son) and Stephanie Feldkamp to be in the room. When you read the transcript of the "interview", it was not conducted in an investigatory manner.

Following the interview, McDonald must have been under orders to telephone the Sheriff's Department immediately, because Nygren conducted a press conference, after he had postponed it at 11:00AM.

That press conference was the one where signs had been put up in the hallway that the press conference was for "credentialed media" only; in other words, bloggers (Cal Skinner and Gus Philpott) and electronic (only)-media (Pete Gonigam) not welcome.

Nygren did not get the "hard" questions that Skinner, Gonigam or I would have asked, such as "How could you possibly conclude in less than 24 hours, and without laboratory testing and in-depth analysis of all conditions at the scene and statements, what happened the night before?"

At that time there were sergeants, lieutenants, captains, Undersheriff and Sheriff involved. There were plenty of supervisors on hand. The Undersheriff and Sheriff are logged into the crime scene as making an appearance, but they apparently stayed only 15 minutes.

Imagine that. A triple homicide. And the Sheriff and Undersheriff hang around for only 15 minutes.


DColley said...

Another "Yes Man" is rewarded.

McDonald's "interview" of Mr Feldkamp was a simple regurgitation of what he was told, not a serious component of an investigation into an awful triple murder.

I don't think much doubt remains as to who did the crimes, but the only questions still hanging out there are 1) when is someone with the MCSO going to grow a spine and a conscience and do the right thing? and 2) what did the top brass at the MCSO have to gain from closing the case in the manner that they did?

There are enough people who want justice for Jack, Audrey and Doran that I believe that in time, the truth will come out.

Clem Kadiddlehopper said...

"I believe that in time, the truth will come out."

And what, exactly, is the truth?