Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ill. House votes on gun control yesterday

Yesterday there were Illinois House votes on seven amendments to Speaker Mike Madigan's shell bill, HB1155.

Votes were taken on Amendments 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52 and 53 on Tuesday, March 19. These amendments all have to do with gun-control issues:

Amendment 47 (50-59-1, Lost): background checks by the Illinois State Police, even on private transfers (ex., father to son) and keep records for ten years. Jack Franks voted For.

Amendment 48 (50-62-00, Lost): firearm-specific training for concealed-carry license (Don't get caught carrying a different weapon, even if licensed!). Jack Franks did not vote (NV).

Amendment 49 (52-61-0, Lost): carry only one firearm at a time. Jack Franks voted For.

Amendment 50 (67-44-0, Adopted): forbids carrying into on-premise liquor consumption liquor establishment; (can't go in to pick up relative who needs ride or works there; can't go in for a meal, even if you don't consume alcohol). Jack Franks voted For.

Amendment 51 (34-74-3, Lost): requires $1,000,000 liability insurance policy (think the poor folks in Rep. Ken Dunkin's (sponsor) own District can afford that? or anyone else? What if no insurance company issues such policies?). Jack Franks voted Against.

Amendment 52 (84-29-1, Adopted): presumption that local sheriff or chief will object to application of multiple offender. Jack Franks voted For.

Amendment 53 (48-62-1, Lost) : delays implementation of concealed-carry licenses, if Counties don't comply with existing mental-health records requirement. Only 3 of 102 counties have complied. Guess what will happen if this amendment and its bill pass! Jack Franks voted Against.

With so much mud being thrown on the wall in Springfield, some of it is probably going to stick; right? In the meantime, are legislators ducking their work on the very serious and precarious financial crisis in Illinois?

Instead of grandstanding and showboating, they could just pay a decent concealed carry bill and get on with important work!

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