Thursday, June 30, 2016

McHenry benefit for Orlando victims

Second Amendment Sports, in McHenry, will conduct a raffle throughout the month of July to benefit the victims in Orlando. They will award an AR-15 at the end of July to the winner and make a sizable contribution to a fund for the Orlando victims.

The anti-gun nuts have already attacked this fund-raising effort in the comment section at

What the anti-gunners refuse to acknowledge is that it is NOT the gun that did the crime in Orlando (or Chicago or New York City or... or... or...). It was the nut pulling the trigger.

I was asked recently why anyone would want an AR-15. Well, I want one. A friend here said "those guns" are just designed to kill people. Well, duh...  If someone is attacking my home, well ... need I say more?

Or if a militia must quickly form to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, will I wish I had an AR-15?

If Hillary attempts to dismantle the Second Amendment or if Congress ans the States do so, will it be necessary to defend the USA against its domestic enemies? Will the Army or the Secret Service or the FBI or the National Guard or my local police officers or sheriff's deputies come to my door?

Some say that will never happen. I hope not.

So, if you wish to donate to the Orlando victim's fund through the Second Amendment Sports' fundraiser, contact them. Contact information is on their website at


Big Daddy said...

I'll be going there tomorrow to buy a few tickets. Thanks for the PSA.

Gus said...

Raffle tickets will soon be available online on the store's website. Possbily, today, or early next week.

Gus said...

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the AR-15 raffle has been canceled amidst concerns about its legality under Illinois raffling laws.