Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Make America White Again (in Tennessee)

Normally I wouldn't comment on such a controversial sign, but the nincompoops in the U.S. House of Representatives today have inspired me not to let this one pass.

Congressional candidate Rick Tyler (Independent) has put up a billboard reading "Make America White Again."

His websites were and, but they have already been turned off, according to one news article.

Rick's business is Whitewater Grill in Ocoee, Tennessee, which is 30-40 miles east of Chattanooga. You can only guess what the reaction will be.

Now, what happened in the House of Representatives today? Those idiots from the left side of the aisle decided to launch a sit-in. And who leads the pack? An aged, left-over, civil-right advocate who has somehow managed to get into and stay the House. Rep. John Lewis (Dem-Ga.) is taking his anti-gun belief to the House floor and stalling the business of America. What a jerk. You can read CNN's take on it here. And where was Hillary's pal, Elizabeth Warren? Right there, too.

The South seems to have a big claim on stupidity. Remember Rep. Hank Johnson (Dem.- Ga.), who feared that Guam might tip over if 8,000 Marines were stationed there. How in the world Adm. Robert Willard ever kept a straight face on March 25, 2010, I don't know. Maybe he got a good briefing about just how stupid Johnson was.

The People in this country had better wake up before November and realize what happens when stupid people are elected to Congress.

Now, before y'all start accusing me of being racist, I am honored to know several smart people who are black.

And I also read the newspapers and see all those black faces looking back at me, after their arrests for murder, robbery, carjacking, rape and lots of gun crimes in Chicago and around the country.


Big Daddy said...

I can see a road trip to Tennessee later this summer

Gus said...

Absolutely. Photos will be provided!!!