Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Clinton-Warren Dem ticket?

I was in a bank yesterday, when CNN was broadcasting the Clinton-Warren event with all the sheeple lined up behind them. The moving banner caused me to think that Clinton had already selected Warren, but later in the day I read that Warren is just out on the stump with Clinton, sucking up to her and doing her best to get the nod from Hillary. You did notice how Warren didn't endorse Clinton until after she had enough delegates in the bag to win the Democratic nomination, didn't you?

This morning I'm re-thinking my declaration that, if Hillary wins the White House in November, I would pack and leave the U.S.A.

I just finished reading American Sniper. Sure, you saw the movie. Now, read the book.

Why has so much American blood been shed? Just for me to bail out in November, if Hillary takes the White House? Instead, I think I'll find my NRA "Stand and Fight" cap and have it ready to wear on November 9. Until them I'll be wearing my "Make America Great Again" cap every day.

And I encourage you to do likewise. Every day talk to people about 1. why they should vote for Donald Trump and 2. why they should not vote for Hillary. How can Americans not care about illegal use of an email server at home that puts American lives around the world at risk? Not care about Benghazi and "What difference does it make now"? Open borders? Weakening the military? More and more gun control (until only the criminals have guns).

And get after all those stupid GOP officials and tell them to get on the train or admit that they are really Democrats!

Anyone who was ever in the military or served in Federal office took an oath to protect this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Keywords, folks - - -  "... and domestic."

How many domestic terrorists do we have right now in important Federal offices, thanks to the current occupant of the White House?

Visit your local gun store, folks. You are going to need all the firearms and ammo you can store. And practice, practice, practice. Keep in mind that your background check doesn't get destroyed 90 days after your purchase. It gets filed away - forever - where it can be used against you in the future.

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Big Daddy said...

I think all those "Republicans" who say that they are going to sit out the election or write someone else in should simply get the button that says" Republicans for Hillary". Wera it and be loud and proud. Just leave the Republican Party when the election is over.

Wait, never mind. I will leave the Republican Party after this election. Unless they give Trump SUBSTANSIAL money and help. They have become the Democratic Party Lite.