Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cole County, Missouri: BRAVO!!!!

Three cheers to Cole County, Missouri, for standing up to Obama and telling him to stick it in his ear over the lowering of U.S. Flags after the Orlando massacre. U.S. Flags in Cole County remain at full staff.

From AOLNews, "According to the News Tribune, Commissioners Jeff Hoelscher and Kris Scheperle — who "have control over how the flags are displayed" in the county that houses Jefferson City, the state capital — outvoted Commissioner Sam Bushman to keep the flags flying exactly as they were before Sunday's massacre."

Commissioner Bushman wanted to be in lock-step with Obama, but the common sense of the other two Commissioners prevailed.

The capital of Missouri, Jefferson City, is in Cole County. Population of Cole County is just under 77,000.

You can read more here about the decision on the local newspaper's website.

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Gus said...

Baldwin County, Alabama joined the ranks of Counties-With-Wisdom, and the officials there are smart enough to read the U.S. Flag Code and know that the President of the U.S. is (again) exceeding his authority when he decides to lower the U.S. Flag for a reason not spelled out in the Code.