Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beth Bentley - gone six years

Six years have passed since Beth Bentley disappeared. Six whole years.

How could she be missing since May 2010 and no one has a clue?

For those of you new to this blog or a little rusty on the details, Beth left Woodstock on a Thursday night to drive to Mt. Vernon, Illinois with her friend, Jenn Wyatt. They must have arrived about 4:00AM and reportedly were to stay with two brothers with Woodstock roots.

They supposedly drove there in a rental car, after Beth left her car in Jenn's garage in Woodstock. As the story went, Jenn drove Beth to the Amtrak station on a Sunday afternoon, and that's the last time anyone saw Beth.

If you believe the stories that came out, you probably also believe in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

There were so many holes in Jenn's story that it would not have made good Swiss cheese.

The police work was shoddy, to say the least. A missing-person report was filed in Woodstock on Monday night, but Woodstock is 300 miles from Mt. Vernon. Just how much time could Woodstock PD devote to an investigation in Mt. Vernon. The house where Beth supposedly stayed was in Jefferson County, outside the City Limits of Mt. Vernon.

My guess is that at least three people know exactly what happened to Beth. And there might be at least two more who know second-hand, but credibly so.

How much drugs and alcohol were involved?

Is it still an open case at Woodstock P.D.? Several years ago Woodstock P.D. denied a FOIA Request, citing "ongoing investigation". Would it still deny, based on the same reason? I wonder if the new Chief will blow the dust off the file and direct a detective to bear down on that case.

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