Friday, June 10, 2016

Obama - the new Bathroom Nazi

Obama is flexing his muscles (he has muscles?) at colleges now with a letter demanding that they provide gender-neutral housing (and bathrooms) on campuses.

Obama's "Dear colleague" (why didn't he write "Dear John"?) threatens 2,100 colleges and universities.

Anybody else fed up (even more) with Obama?

Hey, after driving by the University of South Carolina and spotting all the co-eds flaunting their stuff on a hot day, I think I'll "identify" now as female and start showering with the girls. Or maybe I'll head for Boulder, Colo.

This country has much more to \worry about that whether some guy has the "right" to use the girls' bathroom. He doesn't, and I don't care what Obama or the Supreme Court says.

But wait a minute. Does anyone know that Obama is really a male? He won't show his birth certificate. He has effeminate mannerisms. Maybe Obama is really a woman. Think so?

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