Friday, June 24, 2016

Kim Zinke arrested by Ill. State Police - drugs

Kim Zinke has been charged by the Illinois State Police with drug possession. Zinke was indicted yesterday.

Thanks to Bob McCoppin and the Chicago Tribune for covering McHenry County so well. How could the Northwest Herald not know about it? Don't they have any reporters covering the courthouse or getting the inside scoop from the Sheriff's Department?

Zinke has been on leave from the Kane County Sheriff's Office for some period of time. The S/O says "at least six months", but the Tribune staff believes she could have been on leave since about April 2015. That's over a year on my calendar. What smells here?

The Tribune article indicates that charges were filed in McHenry County, but a Special Assistant State's Attorney/Prosecutor will handle the case. Zinke apparently has not yet been taken in custody, and there is no record at this time either in Jail online records or the Court online case listings.


Gus said...

Was the search warrant on Kim's home executed a year ago? If so, what in the world took the ISP a YEAR to get around to charges.

Did Kim get a year's Paid Leave out of Kane County? Why? Why wasn't the Sheriff mindful of the waste of $70,-100,000? Is there no Audit Department in Kane County?

Gus said...

Cal Skinner covered the Zinke charges on Yesterday I just didn't read far enough down to see his story. Check it out today (Saturday) and the 30 comments posted there.

And still nothing in the Northwest Herald... Amazing...

Gus said...

The Northwest Herald finally caught up yesterday. Why do you suppose it was last in marching order in the reporting of Kim Zinke's arrest?

And WHY did it take the Illinois State Police a YEAR to charge Zinke, after executing the search warrant in April 2015?