Wednesday, June 29, 2016

K. Zinke - arrested yet?

What kind of preferred treatment is Kimberly Zinke getting?

She was indicted on June 23 (last Thursday), and Judge Caldwell issued a warrant for her arrest on the same day. Zinke is to be arraigned before Judge Prather on Friday, July 1.

How much is the bond on each charge? McHenry Circuit Court online records indicate one case, three charges, and a "Bond Balance" of $1,000. Does this mean a $10,000 Bond and a 10% Bail amount of $1,000? On the case (No. 16CF000610)? Or on each charge?

Considering a search warrant was executed over a year ago and the Illinois State Police finally got around to the Grand Jury, is this a laughing matter yet?.

The Northwest Herald article on Monday reported that Henry Sugden is her defense attorney. He is not of-record yet, accounting to online court records. His name will probably show up after Friday's court date.

What's up with the Warrants Division at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department? You'd think they'd have knocked on her door and taken her into custody Thursday night. Why not, Sheriff Prim?

Zinke may have been on paid leave from the Kane County Sheriff's Department since April 2015. Or is she on vacation, maybe? Since her name doesn't appear yet on Bill Prim's Hotel register, is Zinke on a little vacation, perhaps in Mexico? If not, will she have to surrender her Passport?

Will MCSD just save a little gas money and let her turn herself in? Is that how police work is done these days with people indicted on felonies? Whatever happened to the old-fashioned way of knocking on the door and taking wanted persons into custody?

Will the MCSD Swat Team be activated? Or a multi-jurisdictional team? They know she has firearms. Will she have to surrender them and her FOID card?

Anybody starting to connect the dots yet? Anyone care to guess at some dots that ought to be connected?

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