Thursday, June 9, 2016

Clinton tell-all book due June 28th

Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne has written a new book about the Clintons. Order it at Amazon or your local bookstore. The title is Crisis in Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience, with Hillary, Bill and How They Operate . You can read a description on Amazon.

I opted to purchase a "real" book, rather than Kindle, for two reasons. I want to highlight portions that are significant to me and I want to loan this book to those who might have the slightest-remaining open mind about whether Hillary ought to be POTUS.

I recently read a Facebook posting by an acquaintance who was ecstatic about Hillary's clinching the Democratic nomination. That blows me away.

Maybe I'll send her a copy of The Murder of  Vince Foster.

I hope Gary Byrne has a lot of life insurance and knows who has his "six". I do not want to see his name added to the list of those close to the Clintons who now reside six feet under.


Big Daddy said...

A friend of mine served on her protective detail when Bill was the President. That friend did not have very good things to say about her. Words like vile, disgusting, descipable were used. I imagine this new book will echo all that plus more.

Gus said...

Thanks. Why does this not surprise me? Hillary is dangerous. To you. To me. To America.