Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why is life so hard?

This morning I called the McHenry County Sheriff's Department to speak with Dep. Aimee Knop. As I understand it, she is one of the public information officers. Contacting her shouldn't be any secret.

On Monday I had called her and asked who the contact was for the McHenry County Crime Stoppers organization; i.e., the person who is responsible for the way that the Tip Line operates. She didn't know. Or she couldn't tell me. Or she wouldn't tell me. But she said she's find out and call me.

I don't think it's too much to expect a return call or the information by email within 48 hours.

When I called this morning, I got her voicemail. I didn't want her voicemail; I wanted to know whom to contact, so I zero'ed out to one of her co-workers. And got her voicemail. So I zero'ed out again and was back with the operator.

When I asked Aimee's middle initial, so that I could email my request to Aimee, the dispatcher couldn't give it to me. I'm sure she was following orders. "Don't give out an employee's middle initial. They might start sending e-mail (and create a paper trail (subject to FOIA))."

When I said I'd just email the sheriff and let it filter down from there, the operator, who had been polite, if not helpful, throughout the conversation offered me the sheriff's general email address, so that she could forward my email to Aimee. If you need (or want) it, too, it's


Notawannabee said...

WIth all the grief you throw at the deputies, you still want them to bend over and kiss your feet. Your a piece of work...

Gus said...

Nota, you're missing the big picture here.

The person I spoke with did not know who was calling. Plus, she's not a deputy. She was following her directions, which at MCSD is an extremely wise thing to do if you want to keep your job.

You think anyone at MCSD sticks his or her head up out of the foxhole and makes any suggestion for improvement? Of anything?

And, as you must full well know, I don't expect anyone to do any "favors" for me. I don't ask for favors, and I seldom accept them unless they are offered no-strings-attached. However, I do expect people to do their jobs.

The woman today was doing her job. She must have been told not to give out an employee's middle initial, which is needed for most email addresses. And she did her job. It's whoever made the rule who needs a wake-up call.