Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gov. Quinn and gun control

Will a candidate for office live or die on a vote, based on one issue? No, not necessarily. But possibly.

Gov. Pat Quinn has been endorsed by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (BCPGV). That ends my support for Quinn. Of course, I wasn't going to vote for him, anyway, because there is a strong Green Party candidate in the race for the governor's office, and that's Rich Whitney.

From part of a press release from the Illinois State Rifle Association"

"It is well known that the BCPGV only endorses political candidates who are tightly aligned with the organization's ideals. Thus, it is now safe to assume that Quinn marches in lockstep with the most radical elements of the gun control movement. Likewise, it is now safe to assume the following about Pat Quinn:

* Pat Quinn supports a legislative agenda that would result in the banning and confiscation of most of the sporting firearms owned by law-abiding American citizens.

* Pat Quinn supports the establishment of a complex regulatory environment that would make it impractical, if not impossible for law-abiding firearm retailers to stay in business.

* Pat Quinn supports a gun control agenda that would drive thousands of jobs out of Illinois and starve the state's coffers of millions of much-needed tax dollars.

* Pat Quinn supports mandated design requirements that would render most of the sporting firearms in use today too expensive, too complicated and too impractical to own.

* Pat Quinn will continue to deny law-abiding citizens the right to employ defensive firearms to protect themselves and their families – even in their own homes.

* Pat Quinn supports a legislative agenda that punishes law-abiding firearm owners while ignoring the true cause of gun violence – the career criminals who roam our streets with impunity."

Man, I hope that the BCPGV doesn't decide to endorse me! They've never contacted me (or I, them), so perhaps I don't have to worry about that.

The problem with the BCPGV? The name is misleading, and it's important to dig into what it really stands for. Presumably, everyone (well, almost everyone) is against "gun violence." When you look carefully at what the BCPGV really stands for, you'll head to your local gun store and run up the balance on your credit card!

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