Friday, August 13, 2010

Too much fun?

How much fun can you have on Friday the 13th?


Lots of campaign support today. Lots of folks encouraging me as the campaign heats up.

Will a debate be in the offing? I'm sure Democratic challenger Mike Mahon and I will have no trouble sitting down with one another. Will Keith Nygren show up?

Should we reserve the conference center at MCC? Or the small conference room at the Woodstock Library?

For the first time in a long time, voters will have a choice for Sheriff of McHenry County.

People are asking me how many votes I'll need to beat Keith Nygren.

The answer? One more than he gets!


But Seriously said...

Gus be careful with the campaign material covering the front license plate. Siepler catches this law violation and he may just be sending a copy of this picture to federal authorities. Whatever you do don't go near a parade or festival ;)

Gus said...

I figured it might be okay if I could stand up in my car (in a parade); NOT. Not having a sunroof or a ragtop is a slight problem, but a small one.

As I'm sure you must have guessed, this was a "photo opp" only and not on a roadway.

I'm a bug on display of front plates. It's right up there with DUIs and jaywalking.

We're a two-plate state, and too many drivers of Beemers, Jaguars and Corvettes are allowed to slide past the front-plate requirement. It's a conscious snubbing of the law and, therefore, worthy of a ticket; no warning.

MChristineBroderick said...

Gus, I wish I could vote for you - actually, I wish you were running here in Hamilton County, Ohio. Sheriff Simon L. Leis Jr. has been re-elected to 4 year terms in 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008(after being appointed in 1987, I believe) and though I'm not strongly opposed to him, I think you'd make a great Sheriff! I'm wishing you the best throughout the election and beyond!


Gus said...

Thanks, Chris!

Wish I could trade you for one of my detractors here. There aren't a lot of them, but they move around a lot.

Hey, this is Illinois. Come on over on Nov. 2 for a visit and vote a few times while you are here! You know what they say in Chicago (which is 60 miles away): VOTE EARLY & VOTE OFTEN.

I wear a button with those words every election day. After I vote, as I leave I say, "See you later."