Monday, August 9, 2010

2nd sign introduced

Watch for the red bug with this sign running around McHenry County.

It's simple; easy-to-read; easy to follow.

Most importantly, on Nov. 2 vote for the candidate who ought to have the top line billing on the ballot (if candidates are listed by first name).

What can you do right now? Talk to your neighbors, family, friends (both of them), co-workers, every voter in McHenry County. Ask them to vote for "Gus". Don't confuse them with the last name. Just ask them to "Vote for Gus" in the sheriff's race.

And now you can follow my campaign on Facebook at "Elect Gus Sheriff". Visit that page now and "Join" to stay up-to-date on my campaign.
Also, at (just like the sign says).


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