Thursday, August 26, 2010

Caution at Queen Anne Road

Quite a few weeks ago I reported to IDOT that the warning sign for Queen Anne Road is missing. It's probably in some kid's bedroom or some guy's garage.

A sign like the one missing might cost $200-400 to replace, by the time you figure in the cost of the sign and the labor of a couple of IDOT employees and a truck. With the State of Illinois (IDOT) as strapped as it is for money, it is taking longer and longer for missing signs to be replaced.

The naked signpost is on eastbound Route 120, just east of Woodstock, approaching Queen Anne Road. If you are headed toward McHenry, be sure to keep an eye on the drivers trying to cross 120. Some of them get impatient.
And if you ever see someone tampering with a sign in the middle of the night, please report it immediately to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

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