Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jailers becoming maintenance custodians?

Budget cuts are slashing deeply at the McHenry County Jail, where now Block corrections officers (COs) will "assist" inmates in the daily cleaning procedure after meals.

The COs will be in charge of dispensing the Germisept and other cleaning solutions onto the tables and in the toilets and cell sinks for the inmates to clean. They will also be in charge of spraying the Kleen-and-Klear for the inmates to wash the windows.

I wish I could keep my old TV shows straight. Is this from Gilligan's Island?

Now an $75,000/year corrections officer is going to walk around with a spray bottle and spray cleaners on tables, toilets, sinks and windows? I've got some choice words for whoever came up with that brilliant idea.

Oh, one more... soap for the mop buckets for floor cleaning has been cut in half.

And how about the re-assignment of a senior lieutenant who is approaching retirement? She was transferred to day duty, although there was already an adequate number of lieutenants assigned to day duty. This was apparently some privilege being granted to her because of seniority and approaching retirement. Why not just leave her where she was for the last few months?


David J. Bachmann said...

Rumor has it, that sexy "Jail House Vixen" who posed for PlayBoy is taking the "Night Shift!!"

Just in time Gus! Now you can stay in the Sheriffs race rather than moving to Arkansas....

Gotta have some fun, right? Thanks.

Toa said...

Hmmmmm CO's dispensing chemical compounds in the jail. What's wrong with this picture? Nothing. Any fool would know that with nothing but time on their hands, the prisoners could undoubtedly cause mischief with just about anything. Somehow I have a suspicion that maybe one of the "honor students" at the jail may have used it (one of the cleaning products) to assault another prisoner, drank it to get a transfer to the hospital or some other soft spot in the jail.

That's why everything is bolted down, why they aren't allowed to have anything and everything they want. It's a jail for pity's sake. Some moron has read this as budget cutting and passed it along to you as some super secret scandal. How the hell is it budget cutting when you assign a new duty to the CO's rather than just letting the inmates do whatever they want? Once again you have bought into this and spread this crap because you get to stir the pot. You are a fool and so is anyone who would vote for you.

I don't doubt that there are some supervisory personnel in the jail bringing home $75K but they aren't the rank & file CO's. You know it and yet you post this like it's the average salary. Either you don't know it and are a fool or you're a liar and think we all are.

You're just a joke. A bad one at that.

Richard said...

TOA, evidently it is a budget cutting measure because that is the reason the jail administration gave the officers. Unless the Chief of Corrections is lying, of course.
This "added duty" also causes humiliation for the officers; something that pleases some of the supervisors.
The real issue is that the Sheriff's Dept, or at least the jail has squandered its budget through poor supervision, wasteful spending and playing favorites with some supervisors within the Dept.
Just one example, why would you send two jail sergeants to Florida for a week in February for training that you can get anywhere in Illinois? By the way, one sergeant had completed the training previously but they sent him again anyway.

Gus said...

Toa - gee, you are too nice to me. Why don't you start posting under your actual name? Stand up, man. Be brave. Don't be a coward.

Read Corrections Bureau Chief Sedlock's August 20th Memo again. The stated purpose of the "spray bottle patrol" is to "decrease the amount of money we are spending on chemicals throughout the jail."

Good one. Save pennies on chemicals; spend dollars on labor. Presumably, the jailers were already doing something more important with their time, but now they must spray tables, sinks and toilets.