Wednesday, August 25, 2010

13 1/2 weeks - missing

It has been 13 1/2 weeks since Beth Bentley vanished, presumably from the Mt. Vernon, Ill. area.

Why do I say "presumably"? Because the Southern Illinois story continues to fall apart.

Beth's photo is shown on an ABC-TV/7 webpage with an undated caption, reading "Missing Bennedetta Bentley, 41, of Woodstock, missing since Sunday May 23 from Centralia, Ill." Sort of makes me wonder where TV-7 is getting its information.

I recall reading how someone, supposedly in the know because of a family relationship with a Woodstock friend of the Bentley family, wrote on Facebook with great certainty that "LE" (law enforcement; meaning the Mt. Vernon P.D.) had videotapes (or more likely, digital recordings) of the Friday night, May 21, when Beth, Jenn Wyatt, Ryan Ridge and a young man under age 21 who has not yet been identified publicly) had dinner and drinks in the Frosty Mug in Mt. Vernon.

As of about a week ago, a local person was told that the Mt. Vernon P.D. does not have any such videotapes. Actually, only three organizations would know - the owner or manager of the Frosty Mug; the Mt. Vernon P.D.; the Woodstock P.D.

About a week ago a man told a Woodstock resident, who had one of the missing-person fliers out in the open in her home, that he had had a "date" with Beth since May 23. That's man's comment was spontaneous and unsolicited, after he saw Beth's photo on the flier.

And then I was told that Beth had called a family member on August 14.

The Woodstock Police have all this information. Any tips, even rumors, need to be reported to the police, so that they will have as many pieces to the puzzle as possible. If a piece doesn't fit or is to a different puzzle, the police can discard it. But the police need all information.

In the meantime the Woodstock Police have nothing to say. Is there something that they could say about their progress in the investigation of her disappearance? Are they really still investigating it?


Jvelmont said...

I am Beth Bentley's oldest son. I am the person accused of contacting my mother. Let me make this crystal clear, I HAVE NOT BEEN IN CONTACT WITH MY MOTHER SINCE MAY 23RD, NO ONE ELSE IN FAMILY HAS EITHER. Whoever is reporting this, I want to know where you are getting your information from. Like I told the detective, I'm more than willing to show emails, phone records or anything else because I have NOTHING to hide.

angela said...

Mr. Philpot,

Posting unconfirmed information from “a resident” who claims through a third part that he had a “date” with Beth and that she called a family member? Really Gus?

Which family member, what was the conversation? Where is Beth? Is she okay? That is a pretty nonchalant statement for such big news. I would be screaming "BETH CALLED A FAMILY MEMBER! HEY WORLD!"

A responsible journalist would call and confirm this information with the source and with the police.

This post is BY FAR the most reckless thing you have written to date. It is really irresponsible and what you have done causes pain and confusion to her family and true friends.

I understand that your write these posts because you are trying to make a name for yourself, but publishing rumor and hearsay is completely insensitive to the Bentley Family.

It is unfortunate that I have to acknowledge and refute this information as false.

Angela Montgomery

Gus said...

Jvelmont, please re-read the article. No one has accused you of anything. I reported what I heard to the Woodstock Police, in the hopes that it would help lead to your mother.

The police have the information about the call to a family member. Hopefully, they investigated it. They might tell you; they certainly won't tell me.

Gus said...

Angela, may I invite you to re-read the article?

The person who heard the male friend of her family member say that he recognized Beth's picture on the flier and that he had a date with her after her disappearance, reported that to the Woodstock Police.

What is "unconfirmed" about that?

Your sentence is confusing. That male who claimed to have had a date with Beth did not call one of Beth's family members. That's what your sentence seems to say.

The Woodstock Police know which family member was supposedly contacted. I felt that should not be printed here.

A responsible journalist would call and confirm this information with the source and with the police.

I did inform the Woodstock Police. Thank you, Angela.

You wrote: "I understand that your (sic) write these posts because you are trying to make a name for yourself..."

Sorry, Angela. It seems you misunderstand why I write this blog.

Melissa said...

May I ask why it is that you do write this blog-- as it pertains to Beth Bentley? I have been reading the various FB posts and your blog. I bet I am not the only one confused by your motive.

Gus said...

That's a fair question, Melissa. Let me think of some reasons.

- Beth is from Woodstock;
- Beth has been missing for 13 1/2 weeks;
- The Woodstock PD issued two releases: one in May and one on June 9 - nothing since;
- There is virtually no media attention;
- There are many rumors, lies, misdirections, red herrings;

- Many postings on FB have been misleading and untrue;
- Well-intentioned people, trying to help, have been bashed and intimidated;
- Many are perplexed by the silence of the family and the police.

I like writing. Thanks for reading.

angela said...


I'm curious as to how many missing people you can name in the Chicago area. And how many news stories can you recall having seen?

When you google Beth's name you will find multiple stories and images of our Beth. You will also see that the webpage is the first result that comes up. Now, go find one of the 59 people that is missing from Chicago...and look for a comparison. There are few exceptions to any of the others having more press than Beth.

You do have a aptitude for writing. I hope you will put it towards better things instead of spreading gossip and prattle.

Angela Montgomery

iwannaknow said...

Im confused, who is Angela addressing, the post says Jake but I dont see a previous post by a "Jake", did I miss something?

iwannaknow said...

jvelmont.. I hope your mom is home soon and I wish your family peace. Im sorry you are having to go through this... my prayers are with you and all of Beths loved ones.

Gus said...

iwannaknow, I believe Angela might have been addressing Jake about a post on the original Facebook site about Beth's being missing.

I don't have a clue what she is writing about or why.

iwannaknow said...

Well ok.. thanks Gus. One case in particular that comes to mind is Bonnie Woodward. Her case has gotten more publicity, and none of it "bad" as I recall.