Sunday, August 8, 2010

County Fair - the place for politics?

Is the County Fair the right place for politics?

If you like meeting kids who might vote for you in 10-15 years, it could be.

If you like meeting the parents who just paid $25 to get the tribe in the front gate, it may or may not be.

Aside from all the rides and the food being over-priced, do fair-goers really want to be badgered by politicians. I say, "No."

Cal Skinner has a good article on his blog,, with many photos. I didn't see any photos of the hogs, cows and horses, though. Maybe he'll be back for the tractor pulls and the demolition derby.

Keith Nygren was there in his sheriff's uniform, barely. And he was the guy who thought an 18-year deputy ought to be able to run a little faster at the basic police academy a couple of years ago he was required to attend for re-training. I wonder when the last time was that Keith saw the right end of a treadmill. Well, no one here would want to be responsible for his having a heart attack; he has a lot of pension dollars yet to collect.

How distinct was the Sheriff's Department booth from Keith's political effort this season? Why didn't he just assign some deputies to be there to hand out pencils, magnets and CrimeStoppers brochures and go to Wisconsin for the week-end?

Cal got a good photo of Nunda Township Republican Party Chairman Brent Smith, while Smith was baiting Democratic sheriff challenger Mike Mahon. Smith brought up very old news about a DUI that Mahon got 19 years ago. It's not news, Smith!

Mike issued a press release back in December, acknowledging the DUI and stating that he had handled it then and had stopped drinking alcoholic beverages then.

Maybe Smith's history of drinking and driving should be examined. How about it, Mr. Smith? Any DUIs? How many times have you been stopped by a cop but, when he realized you were a fat cat in the Republican Party or your wife was a big wig in the Nunda Township power clique, did he let you go? Ever?

And here's a question for you, Mr. Brent A. Smith, since you want to play dirty politics.

Are you the same Brent A. Smith, against whom an Emergency Order of Protection was entered in the McHenry County Court system on 6/10/99 by Judge Zopp in favor of one Joni Mae Smith? Would that be the same Joni Smith, now one of the Nunda Township Trustees?

I think I'll get a bumper sticker made: "I Hate Politics" (or, better, "I Hate Politicians").


tiredofthenonsense said...

Thats funny. You are running for political office. Your blog, and especially this entry is politicking. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Think again.

Gus said...

Well, at least I'm not pestering people to pay an admission price to get into the Fair.

Hans said...

I dont remember any politician trying to get me to the fair. Its everyone's free will to go and pay that price.