Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did Nygren order a hit?

This morning's edition of the www.dirtykeithvsdirtyharry.blogspot.com/ carries an article titled "McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren Ordered the "Assassination" of Political Foe?"

The article asserts that incumbent Republican Sheriff Keith Nygren ordered a man, turned informant, to carry out a hit on David Bachmann, a former funeral director and candidate for McHenry County Coroner in the 2008 elections. The article states that the informant has met with U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and that the informant had gotten his "orders" in October 2009.

I have said from the beginning of my campaign for sheriff of McHenry County that, if Nygren self-destructed far enough in advance of the November 2 General Election, I'd have a good chance of being elected.

Readers will remember that on September 17, 2009, I filed a report against Sheriff Nygren with the Woodstock Police Department, after Nygren, driving a white unmarked Tahoe with standard Illinois passenger-car license plates, pulled in alongside me in the far end of the Jewel-Osco parking lot, refused to acknowledge a friendly wave or greeting, and sat for 30 seconds and glared at me. After that he backed out and drove away.

When a man, who would be expected to be armed, pulls in alongside me and acts in an irrational manner, I am not letting that pass without a police report. No one should. Was he coming unraveled, even then?

About that time he closed on a high-priced home in Cape Coral and agreed to a clause in his mortgage contract that he would use it as a "second" home. Within three months his wife had become a Florida resident by registering to vote and then she filed for a Florida homestead exemption, which can only be claimed on a primary (not a second) residence. That got him in hot water in McHenry County, because they were claiming the homestead exemption on their Hebron residence.

If I recall correctly, Home State Bank loaned him about $698,000 on a house priced at $620,000 (and now possibly worth only about $380,000). When HSB found out that the Nygren had violated the mortgage terms, if he did, did it amend or cancel the contract and call the loan? I wonder what the Feds would have to say about that bank loan now.

Early in 2007 a $100 Bounty on me was offered within the sheriff's department. In January 2007 I received a phone call that a rollcall announcement had been made that any deputy could pick up an easy $100 by writing me a ticket for anything. I was given the name of the commanding officer who ordered it. I can't say that I blame the caller for not risking his job to be a witness at the time.

Go to www.dirtykeithvsdirtyharry.blogspot.com/ right away and read today's article.


Notawannabee said...

You know that the site you refer to has posted 100% bogus info before, such as "NYGREN ARRESTED".
Bachmann has done it again. These blog sites, while somewhat entertaining, are filled with false info.

Repeating the slanderous blog on your blog with added editorial comment is no better than stating slander yourself.

Karen12359 said...

I don't know this man at all, but I have read his (David Bachmann) comments on a few blogs. He needs to make up his mind already. Which is it? Is he a great guy and leader, or is he an evil bully?
He's gone back and forth so many damn times I need a neck brace.

But Seriously said...

Yes, Bachmann is a bit of an enigma and I would be careful on reporting on any of his postings. Although entertaining he often will contradict himself in short order. He also tends to post in what can be best described in a fictional interview format with fictional quotes...If memory serves me correct I believe one of the links he has up right now fictionally quotes a "CNN interview" with Colin Powell on local McHenry county issues.

Just said...

I can't understand why under any circumstances Gus would repost this dribble on his website blog. Well maybe I can. Gus used it as a way to take a shot at Nygren but I guess all is fair in politics.

Remember a few weeks ago when Bachmann made those huge unfounded announcements about Nygren's arrest? Yup Bachmann is a credible source to quote.

He does have some very unusual posts, bizarre I might add. Now Zane has these goofy posts also. Smiley faces etc. Reminds me of the Wicked Witch, "I'm melting, I'm melting" Having a "melt down?" Maybe he and Bachmann can get a group rate on some therapy.

Gus said...

Are sheriffs all squeaky clean?

Several years ago a sheriff in a Maryland county was fined $425,000, after a court found him guilty of sending deputies out to pick up newspapers that carried a negative story about him on election morning.

Will there be any charges before the Nov. 2 election? Probably not. Look how long it took for the Blago trial to start and look at the result. Was it poor prosecution or a great defense?

The defense did what it set out to do. Confuse the jury.

I was reminded of a McHenry County trial in which the prosecution was flamboyant and was even warned several times by the judge. The defense was logical, rational, unemotional. I knew the first day that it was the defense that was going to lose the case of its client.

They didn't understand the game. The defense was playing badminton, while the prosecution was playing rugby.

David J. Bachmann said...

Gus, thank you for your patience. As you might recall, this past winter I posted several stories. Although the 'base' for each story was exact, (I usually posted two viewpoints of the same subject.)

Basically what I was doing was presenting 'both' sides to a story.

Although I respect the comments of all your readers as listed above, I had not at the time of their posting, had the opportunity to present 'my side' of how I felt about what I WAS TOLD.

The 'post' these folks have commented on, was only 'part one' of two.

I hope they re-visit my site.

The comment about my posting an 'arrest' story has already been well explained. That 'post' was up for about 30 minutes at the very most and was posted to make a point to some people who thought they were real smart feeding me a bunch of balogny.

I knew who they all were and they thought they had me... laugh was on them..

I think "But Seriously" pretty much gets the idea of it all. Point is, these blogs are supposed to be 'fun' and entertaining in many ways.

I for one do not pretend for one moment to be an out of work 'journalist.' some take themselves a bit to seriously and miss the points.

Our coverage is really so minimal and its 'our little circle' that really only sees this stuff..

This being said, the situation I have lived with for some months now was indeed seriously presented and my family and I took it that way.

Im sorry nobody cared to comment on how my children must have felt all these months knowing what we had been told. Rather, judge me for telling only what we had been told.

Karen, often times it takes a true leader to stand up and tell the facts, as ugly as they are at times. If its a serious issue that I have personal knowledge of, such as issues with illegals, mexico, jobs and so forth, I will tell it like it is with the hopes that my experiences in some of these areas, can maybe even save your life.

So, lets keep the lines of communication open. I respect your thoughts, everybody.

Thank you.

David J. Bachmann said...

Gus, for those who don't understand, I try to write a story from 2 perspectives...normally an argument has 2 parties involved.

I try to see both sides... one day I will write from one perspective, the next post will be the 'devils' advocate if you will...

"Some" seem to get it, some dont..The most recent post as commented on here, was only (1) part of a (2) sided story.

First side was based on what I had been told, the newly posted followup shows MY perspective as well as the 'rest of the story' most of which has been private until now.

Entertainment is what most of my postings are for... BUT, every now and again, I get ya with a good one!!

Leaders tell the 'full story' not just what one sides hopes to hear and what make one look best.

As far as the 'Arrest Story' posted back in June.. if you saw the 'insider' info and the ridiculous items I recieve from those who think they can deceive me and 'trick' me into writing 'fantasy,' well... sometimes I just hit them with it to let them know how silly they are.

That particular situation I posted for maybe 30 minutes.. and my site meter tells me exactly who has come in to 'peek' so I know when my message has been received... most of it is all in fun

Lets face it folks. Those who read the 3 or 4 main blogs around here, are a very small faction of residence in the county... We are all kind of in this little 'bubble' of local politics.. and like family we have our family feuds... but, then again who else entertains us! Certainly not the local papers..

Its alot of work to put a blog up and even more work to try to please everybody... so take it all with a grain of salt, in the big picture of things, we are a tiny little 'cult' for lack of a better work..

So, although we do hit some serious issues, I like to think we can work things out as well. As much as many of us think we do not like somebody, we would also feel a sense of loss should something serious happen to any one of us.

We know eachother by all the screen names, real or otherwise. I try to be respectful of all your valid comments. As we know, we all think our comments are 'valid!'

I hope you read my latest post on the Sheriff situation. Believe it or not, I am hoping to meet with Keith and his wife along with my family so we can find peace. I WANT to like him I truly do.

Thanks and keep on laughing..at ourselves.

Hans said...

"When a man, who would be expected to be armed, pulls in alongside me and acts in an irrational manner, I am not letting that pass without a police report. No one should."
But its alright for you to stalk people on the square?

Gus said...

OK, Hans. Put up or shut up. Never have I stalked anyone.

State the facts.