Sunday, August 29, 2010

Deleted posts "not her fault"

Yesterday I wrote about how Angela Ginger Montgomery, neighbor of Scott Bentley and apparent spokesperson for the Bentley family in Woodstock, had banished me from the original Facebook page for the missing Beth Bentley.

When readers of that page and its many topics and comments remarked that all my comments had been deleted, Sheryll Ginger, Angela's sister who may live in Springfield, Mo., commented: "that wasn't suppose to happen no way to prevent it...... "

Well, Sheryll, I've got news for you. If there is no way to prevent it, then it was supposed to happen!

The moderators have deleted enough posts and blocked enough other "members" of that page to know that all the comments were going to be deleted. So, Sheryll, you can't cop a plea of ignorance about knowing that all my comments were going to be deleted!

Another member, posting as "Deliliah Brannigan", has posted several very thoughtful comments, including this one: "I have to disagree with deleting posts made by a poster even if they have been banned at this time. It takes the creditability away from the cause here."

To which Sheryll Ginger responded, "Delilah......whenever that happens it deletes all the posts.....we didn't want the post deleted but there is either no way to prevent it because we went back and tried to find the post..........Sorry Guys wasn't done on purpose."

Aside from the fact that Sheryll's sentence doesn't make any sense, Sheryll just keeps digging the hole deeper. If she didn't want my posts deleted, then she could have just left them there. Yes, it was done "on purpose." She knows that. The other moderators know that.

So, what's up with the mea culpa. It's not flying, Sheryll.


Hans said...

Haha, I guess you don't like it when you are the one silenced. Its funny how that works with you.

Gus said...

I don't think I said that I didn't like it. Did I?

Anonymous said...

Frank, Hans said 'I guess you don't like it ..." You react like a little bitch.

Gus said...

Kat's Kradle, I'm posting your comment, instead of deleting it, so that people will reallly know you for who you are. Man! What a mouth! I hope you don't have kids.

DownByTheRiver said...

>>>> Well, Sheryll, I've got news for you. If there is no way to prevent it, then it was supposed to happen!

Maybe all "Sheryll" has going for her is cleavage as well.