Sunday, August 29, 2010

High-end laptops in the jail

Where, oh where, are the three military-grade laptops that were purchased for $15,000 back in the early part of 2010 for the inmates at the McHenry County Jail?

The jail couldn't do with $700 laptops from BestBuy. It bought three Panasonic Toughbook 30 laptops in 2010 for the inmates to use - $15,000 worth of computers, and paid for them out of the Inmate Profit Account.

So, where are they? Why aren't they set up and in use? Hopefully, they won't be phased out too quickly and sold for junk to 2-3 employees for $25 each...

These are the laptops that GIs would give their eye-teeth for in Afghanistan or Iraq. You can beat on them and drop them, and they are supposed to keep working. They might even keep working on a computer table or a desk in the jail.

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