Monday, August 30, 2010

Bentley case - action time!

Everybody is yakking; ain't nobody marching... It's time to find Beth Bentley! The following was posted on the Beth Bentley Missing (newer) Facebook page. If any readers of this blog wish to pitch in and help, let me know.

OK, folks, are we just going to flap our lips here (with fingers on the keyboards) or are we going to find Beth and know what happened to her since May 23???

I propose the following: let's form teams of, say, 5 people. One team will explore the runaway theory. Another team will pursue the drug theory. Another team will pursue the Mt. Vernon renov house and immediate surrounding area theory. Another, the boat rental theory. Another, the Frosty Mug. Another, the blackmail theory. Another, the extra-marital affairs theory. Another, organized searches.

This will be risky business. If there are perps out there, they are going to get very nervous as the heat increases. It will take stamina, bravery, fearlessness.

Anyone in?

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