Thursday, August 19, 2010

Attempted Child Abduction - Woodstock

A Woodstock resident has sent me the following inquiry:

"Is it normal police procedure to NOT inform the general public of a child predator loose in our neighborhood?

"This week a 7 year old boy was almost snatched off his bike and a quick thinking neighbor intervened. This is the 2nd time in a month that I know for a fact that the police were informed of a possible threat to our children. The latest incident happened on the north end of Tappan. The perp is described as possibly hispanic, small stature, late 20's to 30's in age, wearing a black shirt. Vehicle description also was given to the officer.

"I am surprised and disappointed that not word of this has been made public. One would think that flyers would have been posted all over town with a warning and that the press would have been informed so they could help spread the word to keep an extra close eye on our children. Are they waiting until a child actually is abducted by a pedophile at large? I don't get that."

As of this date and time, no notice appears on the Woodstock PD Crime Alerts webpage. So far as I know, the City-wide alert system was not used. If there was an article in the Northwest Herald, I missed it.

Are Woodstock residents supposed to think that we have no crime in our town, because the paper publishes so little information and not on a timely basis?

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megan said...

Is this true? Second time in a month??

I happen to know for a fact that there was an attempted abduction in that same neighborhood last spring.

I want to know if this is real! Is this from a credible person?!?