Monday, August 30, 2010

Bentley missing 14 weeks now

When Beth Bentley went a local youth baseball game in Woodstock on Thursday evening, May 20, if anyone said "Good bye" to her, they didn't realize they were seeing her for the last time. That was 14 weeks ago. Fourteen weeks. Ninety-eight days. Today is the 99th day.

Did she ever leave Woodstock? Her car was left in a friend's garage, out of sight. They supposedly rented a car for a 330-mile drive. But was Mt. Vernon their original destination, since they may have indicated they would go to Wisconsin? Do some people in Woodstock know what happened to Beth, but they have been able to "hold it together" so far? What's happening now is that "some people" are starting to unravel.

When people are under great stress, they begin to act in ways not considered "natural" to them or to their basic habit patterns.

Sometimes they lash out in emotional or impulsive statements or decisions.

Sometimes they lie.

Sometimes they attempt to use deceit and deception to cloud the minds of others.

Sometimes they belittle and argue, attempting to mislead, misdirect, deflect.

What's happening now is that they are unraveling. Soon one of them will crack, and then the dominoes will fall.

Motives have been uncovered. Opportunities have been revealed.

Will a break in the case be announced soon?

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