Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is Beth Bentley "endangered"?

A number of women readers on the Facebook pages have gotten all bent out of shape about action, or lack of action, by the law enforcement agencies in southern Illinois that are involved in one way or another with the Beth Bentley disappearance.

They want southern Illinois searched foot-by-foot, starting with Miller Lake and covering every square foot of Mt. Vernon, Centralia and Jefferson County. Yet there are no solid leads for the cops and the deputies to follow.

It is the Woodstock Police Dept. (WPD) that labeled Beth as "missing-endangered" on June 9. Now, please understand what the WPD means by "endangered;" it means, "a person who is missing under circumstances indicating that his/her physical safety may be in danger."

That is a direct quote from the WPD. It is a throw-away definition - it tells the reader nothing. All is does is create unnecessary alarm. The WPD will not say what circumstances, if any, cause it to label Beth as "endangered."

Thus, readers are left to their imaginations, which are all running in Overdrive. Read the definition again: it says "MAY be in danger"; not "is in danger." It's a CYA action by the WPD.

Maybe WPD never should have used "endangered" in its June 9 press release without explaining just what it means by "endangered."

Common usage of the term, when associated with missing persons, is because the person left without taking necessary medications, such as for diabetes or bipolar disorder or asthma or blood pressure. No adverse health condition is reported about Beth.

The term is also used for persons who cannot care for themselves, such as a person suffering from depression or dementia or thought to be suicidal. None of those applies to Beth.

Did Beth just "take off"? If so, what is she using for funds? The photos of Beth indicate to me that she is not low-maintenance. I don't have a picture in my mind that she's living in a tent or under a bridge somewhere. Hair, nails, skin care, clothing, shoes, food, shelter. All those things cost money. A lot of money.

My money is bet that there are persons who know what happened to her. If she just took off, somebody knows about it.

If ill befell her, the person(s) who know about it will begin changing some habits. Those around them will notice. They may become panicky. They may be drinking more or using more drugs. They may be losing sleep and gaining or losing weight. Hair may start to fall out. Even the hair of a woman accomplice might begin to thin.

There is no such thing as the perfect crime...


Orange said...

"women" is a noun, "female" is an adjective. You should say "A number of female readers."

You also say, "all it does is create unnecessary alarm" - YOU are the one who posted about a "bad" batch of heroin, about Beth calling family which is untrue... YOU are just as bad!

You have no problem criticizing others but then walk around thinking you know everything about the law and how things should be done. Your blog is obviously written by someone with too much time in the day and not enough education.

People like you are the exact reason why I'm happy I left Woodstock.

frankdojr said...

"endangered" is not a Woodstock think. Its a state thing. The Illinois Law Enforcement Agencies Data System defines what endangered is. A good law enforcement person would know that. Its how a person is entered into the computer system. You knew that though, right Sheriff Canidate Philpott?

Gus said...

frankdojr, no definition for "endangered" is available on ILETSB. Because Woodstock PD used the word "endangered", I considered it important to get the definition from them.

What's really cool is this "Canidate" (sic) can spell Candidate.

Toa said...

Just because you can't find it...

That it's merely a "Woodstock thing" probably explains why the term is used by the AMBER Alert system, right?

• The person is missing under unexplained or suspicious circumstances.
• The person is believed to be in danger because of age, health, mental or physical disability, environment,weather conditions, or in the company of a potentially dangerous person of some other factor that may expose the person to possible harm or injury.
• Public information is available that could assist in the safe recovery of the person.
• The circumstances do not fit the criteria of an AMBER Alert."

What are they supposed to say when no one knows (or is telling) what going on? Do they assume she's being killed at that very moment? Do they assume she's just fine and sipping Margarita's with friends and laughing at the police running around? Or do they express concern over the fact that they have no idea what is going on and that they've been told this sort of action is out of character for her? Whichever one you choose, somebody like you will Monday morning quarterback the play just to stroke his/her ego.