Friday, August 6, 2010

Afraid to be seen?

If you are an employee of the McHenry County (Ill.) Sheriff's Department (deputy, corrections officer, civil employee), are you afraid to be seen at a political gathering of one of Nygren's challengers in the November 2010 general election?

Are you worried that a photo of you at, say, a fundraiser might be posted inside the sheriff's department offices? What could possibly be the reason for someone to do that? Let's start with intimidation. See Cal Skinner's article on

Or let's say that the license plate numbers of MCSD employees at a political event (say, a fundraiser) are collected. Now, to what possible use could they be put? (Duhhhh.....)

Get involved. This is your country. This is your county. Pick a candidate and help his (or my) campaign. Just do it off-duty and away from the office!

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But Seriously said...

During the current election for Sheriff lists of Nygren campaign supporters have been used to accuse them of being unethical, patronage job holders, sycophants, etc... I have even read very direct threats that they better watch their back and beware of repercussions because "Nygren won't be Sheriff forever". Pictures of Nygren fundraisers and even Sheriff's department employees retirement party have been used to belittle and throw mud at Sheriff's department employees. Yet one little picture from a Mahon fundraiser not taken by a Nygren supporter suddenly now raises the issue of Sheriff's department employees being singled out for political support? Really?