Monday, September 14, 2009

Zane Seipler - Republican for Sheriff

Press Release from Citizens for Zane Seipler

Woodstock, IL, September 13 2009-

Change is long overdue in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department. The attitude of law enforcement has changed drastically over the last decade. Accountability, courtesy, integrity is the hallmark of sheriff departments nationwide and so it should be in McHenry County. Over the past thirteen years the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department has become stagnant and complacent. New ideas are needed. New values need to be established. New relationships need to be formed. New leadership is required.

As a former McHenry County Sheriff’s deputy with nearly thirteen years of law enforcement and military experience I am now announcing my candidacy for the office of McHenry County Sheriff. As a Republican, the citizens of McHenry County can count on me to uphold traditional party values. I have generated a campaign website,, which outlines my goals, concerns and core values.

Now that I have officially embarked on this candidacy I am eager to exchange ideas with all interested McHenry County citizens. With the support and votes of the good people of McHenry County I hope to elevate the office of Sheriff to a higher standard and usher in a promising future. I can be contacted at “Citizens for Zane Seipler”, P.O. Box 1672, Woodstock 60098, E-mail or by telephone at (847)561-1180.

Zane Seipler
Republican Candidate for Sheriff

Good luck in the Republican Primary, Zane!


whatmeworry? said...

Thanks Frank. Another candidate more qualified than you!

Another Lawyer said...

I'm going to call this one early:

Nygren: 62%
Seipler: 28%
Philpot: 8%
Write in: 2%

BTW, I am really good at calling these things.

Philip said...

Once again, the Northworst Herald leaves jaws hanging. "Fired Deputy..." was the headline for this guy's story. Well, Zane, after that you probably should just fold up your campaign and head for the yard. That newspaper has left an impression that you are a disgruntled employee with an axe to grind. And frankly, you aren't going to get the votes or financial support. Trust me, I've been in the political arena for a long time - as a reporter and as a campaign manager. I can polish a turd with the best of them and son, there is no amount of "Turd Polish" that will clean up the vile mess caused by that newspaper. I'm pissed to the point of calling Chris Krug and having a little "Come to Jesus" session with him. Whatta' putz.