Monday, September 14, 2009

Online digital photo ordering

I just ordered photos, using the website. Was it ever easy?! And at the right price, too, with this week's 50% discount.

Have you ordered photos online? Try it.

Go to, set up an account and then upload your images. Look for the place to enter the discount code, HALFPRICE. This code is good through September 19.

You can pick up your prints later today.

While you're there, check out the new Redbox (outside the store). Rent movies for $1/day. The movie you rent today is due tomorrow by 9:00PM. If you are late returning it, it'll only cost you one more dollar. One nifty thing about Redbox is that you don't have to return the DVD to the same Redbox at which you rented it.

Customer service is good at our local Walgreen's. I messed up the other day and used an in-store coupon for one item but neglected to tear out the coupon for a second item that was half-price. I had purchased several of that item and noticed the full price on the receipt when I got home. Usually, the clerk will ask for a coupon, but that time she hadn't. When I called the store, they cheerfully told me just to bring in the receipt and they would credit me for the discount.

I did, and they did. Now, that's what I call great customer service! Thanks, Walgreen's!


Gus said...

Just received an email from Walgreen's that my photo order is ready to be picked up! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Walmart good and cheap too. But you'll have to sift through all the illegally parked semi's, car's in handicapped spots, others taking two spaces, etc... etc.... etc.

Karen12359 said...

I'd hate to have the swat team show up at my house because because I took an adorable picture of my grandbaby in the bathtub. God forbid if it shows any "naughty bits" and they think I'm distributing them!