Monday, September 14, 2009

Roadwork on Hwy. 47

Today I received this inquiry from a reader:

"I would like to know who decided that Rt. 47 needed to be repaved a WEEK after finishing repairing and repaving sections of the same road!? They caused traffic and headaches last time. Now again? This is ridiculous. Union road workers are having a ball.

"I would like to hear your insight on this wasteful spending for roads throughout McHenry and Lake County. "

I wondered almost the same thing, as I sat in traffic on southbound Hwy. 47 on Saturday between U.S. 14 and IL 176. I figured that I must have missed Construction Zone signs at U.S. 14, because I would have turned west and used Dean Street to get to 176 to go to Marengo. Only I didn't know about the repair work that had been done only one week earlier.

Must be our "stimulus dollars" at work. This has got to be one of the wonderful IDiOT projects, since it's a State road.


The Madd Bulldog said...

2/3rds of my entire commute to work is construction for the past 3months... ARGH!!!
From what I gather, they will "cut out" bad sections of road that the foundation is compromised. They'll fill-in/patch that section. Then later, they will grind off the top layer of the entire roadway and lay down new asphalt.
There's lots of asphalt and concrete in IL, cuz we have the most politicians (aka crooks) to bury!

Karen12359 said...

Remember to do the reduced speed limit in the work zone ... we don't want the swat team after you.

Gus said...

And stay off your cell phone in a Work Zone.

ace said...

And don't be touching the camera either.